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HUMAN isn’t a normal production company or an average charity. HUMAN is a benevolent feature film company that provides HUMAN Resources to chosen charities and causes through funding, service and awareness.
Film Production + Charity = HUMAN


The goal of HUMAN is to produce quality scripted feature films for general market entertainment and distribution. The narrative films range from true-story action thrillers to inspiring fictional dramas, but all have a twist: each film introduces a real-life charity and/or cause somewhere in the world.

HUMAN donates a portion of their back-end profits to that cause. While filming on location, HUMAN crews sometimes donate part of their time serving that local charity. Throughout marketing and distribution, HUMAN simultaneously promotes the charity or cause introduced in the film, as well as the film itself through traditional film and charity marketing.


Lance Tracy


Often working with NBC/Universal, Seattle-Native, LA-Based Lance Tracy is currently helping to brand the 2014 Winter Olympics as he did with the London Olympics. But perhaps Lance is best known for his 5 years at KNN as their dramatic films director, making films such as “The Cross” & “The Prodigal Daughter”. With distribution in 155 countries and 15 languages, he was sensitized to an international audience while earning 12 writing and directing awards. He has directed projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cambodia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico City, Belize, Honduras, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the U.S.
In 2004 he started HUMAN to produce a feature documentary deemed by Sundance as “an accomplished film”. His company then produced humanitarian documentaries all over Mexico & Central America.
HUMAN has successfully mixed his love of bettering the world with his passion for film. He lives in LA with his wife & 2 kids. (See his work at
Steven Johnson


(Project Producer)
For the past 35 years Steve has spoken all over the world, not to mention danced for Jay Leno, met everyone from Mother Teresa to Bill Clinton, and taught a bird how to fly. He started a very successful performing arts ministry in New York City, then wrote, produced and directed the classic musical, “Upside Down”. A seasoned minister, leader and story teller, he has spoken in Madison Square Garden and performed a one man show on every continent but Antarctica... still working on that. He swam the Hudson River to raise money for HOPE worldwide and produced an award winning film. He’s an author, a skydiver, speaker, and father. Married for 35 years to the wife of his youth, Steve, like his work, is hilarious, soulful and life-changing.
Michelle Glen


Over the past 14 years, Michelle has been involved in nearly every aspect of film production, marketing, sales, acquisition and distribution, making her a unique “HUMAN Resource”. Always looking for ways to leave a meaningful footprint, her primary passion is to join media companies with organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Amnesty International, Green Peace and Sierra Club to increase awareness of the non-profit’s cause through media. Additionally, Michelle has been recognized in the industry for establishing new, non-traditional ways to market films while raising much needed funds for non-profits.
Seattle-Native, Michelle now resides in LA with her high-energy fire fighter husband, their 3 children and 17 pets. Between saving the world and juggling kids, she manages to squeak in time for photography.

Thanks to the generous support of our friends below, we are able to make our current film "Relentless".
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